Why use Aerial Support?

Why helicopters are the
most efficient choice
for construction,
and maintenance

Helicopters are an indispensable tool in the construction industry, allowing access to hard-to-reach sites such as hilly terrain that cannot be accessed by traditional vehicles. They are also eco-friendly, eliminating the need for cranes that come with high setup, operational, and teardown costs, as well as limited height capacity. In the utility sector, helicopter line work accelerates transmission and distribution line maintenance, enabling more towers and lines to be serviced in less time. Helicopters are also commonly used for tower transfers, providing linesmen with quicker access to worksites, circumventing the need for earthworks and/or heavy machinery, which can cause environmental harm. With their ability to fly and hover above and alongside power lines and towers, helicopter crews can observe, detect, and classify powerline defects from up in the air, saving customers time and money while reducing risks to people, powerline networks, and property. Moreover, helicopters are utilized to evaluate network damage in the aftermath of extreme weather events.