Utility construction

Accelerate powerline and network construction and upgrades with our helicopter support, minimizing groundwork and heavy machinery requirements while saving time and costs. We can supply our own air compressors and jackhammers for efficient and cost-effective hole digging, eliminating the need for rentals.

Aerial inspections

Ensure comprehensive and proactive risk management by utilizing our helicopter-based visual inspections for power lines and other structures. Our regular and thorough checks help prevent problems and maintain optimal system performance.

Powerline Maintenance

Rely on our aerial support to maintain transmission, sub-transmission, and distribution lines in excellent condition. Our experienced team efficiently handles all maintenance tasks, ensuring reliability and safety.

Emergency repairs

Swiftly and reliably respond to electrical sector emergencies caused by natural disasters like storms and fires. Our helicopters enable rapid access and repair of damaged powerlines and structures, minimizing downtime.

Niche Projects

Catering to unique construction projects requiring aerial lifting, we offer longline services for tasks such as fencing and air conditioner lifts. No matter the complexity or challenge, we are equipped to handle any project with precision and expertise.